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Apex Legends: All Season 2 Weapons Ranked Worst to Best


Apex Legends: All Season 2 Weapons Ranked Worst to Best

With the release of Season 2 in Apex Legends, the weapon tier list has shifted a bit in consideration of all the new changes to the game.

Some of the new weapon changes include Energy Mags being released as new attachments, Shotgun and Energy max ammo stacks being tweaked (64 to 16 for Shotguns, and 60 to 80 for Energy), two new Hop-Ups Disruptor Rounds and Hammerpoint Rounds being added, and buffs to specific weapons.

Finally a whole new L-STAR LMG from the Titianfall series being added to the game as well.

With these tweaks in consideration, here is a whole new ranking of the weapons in Apex Legends with the release of Season 2 from worst to best.

Apex Legends Season 2 Weapons Ranked

#21 – Mozambique Shotgun

  • Ammo Type: Shotgun
  • Fire-Rate Type: Single
  • Default Magazine Size: 3
  • Body Damage: 45
  • Headshot Damage: 66

There’s a reason why the Mozambique has become a meme online. It’s the type of gun you pick up if you have absolutely no other option, but as soon as anything else comes along it’s going right back on the ground where it belongs.

That being said, with Season 2 the Mozambique now has Hop-Up functionality with the all-new Hammerpoint Rounds Hop-Up working with both it and the P2020. This increases unshielded damage with the weapon to the enemy.

Without the Hop-Up it does 45 damages on the body if all three shots manage to hit the target, with 66 damage if you hit the enemies head.

This is significantly lower than all of the other weapons in Apex Legends, and essentially means you have to be landing perfect 3-pointed shots every single time with this gun to even be making decent damage on the enemy at any given time. With only three rounds in a magazine, this is a very difficult task just to scrape by.

Even with the increased unshielded damage of the Hammerpoint Rounds, it’s just not worth it to pick up this gun and ever use it long term. Not to mention the Hop-Up only works on damaging base health, and once your enemy has shields it’s like you are back to square one with the normal Mozambique again.

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