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5 Joy-Con Color Patterns That Would Print Nintendo Money


5 Joy-Con Color Patterns That Would Print Nintendo Money

With the recent announcement that Nintendo will be releasing two new pairs of Joy-Con colors, players are still finding themselves disappointed in the lack of Joy-Con options that Nintendo has offered thus far.

Nintendo has always been known for its eccentric color schemes of consoles and controllers in the past. Whether you were sporting an Atomic Purple Gameboy Color or an Orange Spice Gamecube, Nintendo had options for nearly everyone.

Fast forward to the current generation and Nintendo has been stagnant with its rollout of alternative color options for the Joy-Cons, leaving players to mod their controllers themselves with custom shells to get the exact look they desire.

But as Nintendo continues to offer a less than ideal amount of color variations, Switch owners need a more enticing proposal to get them to fork over the $79.99 needed for a new pair. We ask ourselves, what colors should Nintendo release next to get people on board?

Here are 5 Joy-Con colors that we would like to see next:

Jungle Green

jungle green joy-con

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Although Nintendo has released a similar shade Joy-Con with its Neon Green version, it doesn’t quite hit the same mark that the transparent Jungle Green did for the Nintendo 64 back in 1996.

The other complication with Nintendo’s recent Neon Green Joy-Con is that they have only released one for the right side, leaving players that want a matching set to turn to case mods or skins. Although Nintendo’s combination of Neon Green and Pink is a perfect fit for Splatoon, fans of the true Jungle Green are left playing the waiting game.

Launching as one of the Funtastic color schemes for the N64, Jungle Green was one of the console’s staple SKU’s alongside the popular Smoke Black and Fire Orange. Jungle Green was a standout amongst its peers and remains a nostalgia piece of anyone that owned one in the past.

Nintendo is no stranger to the color green either, having both consoles and controllers in different variations throughout the years. Jungle Green remains an iconic variation that would be a welcomed addition to the Joy-Con family.

With a healthy amount of fans wanting the translucent green to make a comeback, Nintendo would be wise to release this version sooner rather than later.

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