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Raging Loop Will Bring Visual Novel Horror to PS4 and Nintendo Switch in the West

Raging Loop

Raging Loop Will Bring Visual Novel Horror to PS4 and Nintendo Switch in the West

Today British publisher Pqube and developer Kemco announced the western release of the visual novel Raging Loop.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you may know it as Rei-Jin-G-Lu-P, originally released for mobile platforms in Japan in 2015. It’s a psychological horror visual novel that has gathered quite the cult following.

Here’s an official (and rather creepy) description directly from the press release.

Lost in the mountains

The tribute to Japanese folklore begins when the graduate student Haruaki Fusaishi ends up in the middle of nowhere during a trip to the mountains. With his motorbike broken and unfixable for now, he heads out looking for help and finds a girl near a river who invites him to Yasumizu, a small settlement.

The eerie settlement

Haruaki decides to stay for the night and he soon meets the rest of the villagers. An old saying about dead people walking along the river makes him feel unwelcome in this isolated place.

Red mist creeps up

It is evening when all of a sudden, Haruaki is asked to leave the village immediately. A red mist starts surrounding the village before he can. Haruaki is told to lock himself up and to not come out under any circumstances.

The feast

The next morning, two corpses are found: the feast has begun.
Once upon a time, the mountain by the village was the home of five beast guardians. Some of the villagers have received their blessing and inherited their power.

The Wolves

… will kill one person every day.

The Snake

… sees if someone is a wolf or a human.

The Spider

… can protect one person from getting killed by the wolves.

The Two Monkeys

… know each other’s identity.

The Crow

… can tell whether a corpse belonged to a wolf or a human.

What unfolds afterwards is a perverse mind game which has become real. No one can leave Yasumizu until the feast is over, forcing the townsfolk to vote for one person to be hanged every day until the wolves are identified in an attempt to save the village from its fate.

The Raging Loop has begun.

Raging Loop is coming for PS4 and Nintendo Switch both in North America and Europe in 2019. A precise press release has not been provided by PQube just yet.

You can check out the trailer and a batch of screenshots below.

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