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Persona Q2: How to Unlock New Items, Weapons, & Armor for the Shop

Persona Q2, golden treasure chests

Persona Q2: How to Unlock New Items, Weapons, & Armor for the Shop

Strong Sub-Personas are a massive part of making your team in Persona Q2 more powerful, but items play an equally important role. Without good weapons or armor, you might as well be entering a gunfight with a plastic spoon. Here’s how to unlock new items, weapons, and armor at the shop.

These options aren’t available from the beginning, but it’s best to get out to a fast start once you’re able to upgrade the stock at the shop.

How to Unlock New Items, Weapons, and Armor for the Shop in Persona Q2

Selling Materials

This is the easiest way to start unlocking new items in Persona Q2. Materials are earned from every battle and are laying around just about every turn. You’ll typically be able to unlock certain items after collecting and selling enough of a specific list of materials. The money you get for selling those items is also a great incentive for stocking up on them.

Sometimes you’ll also find materials that can be sold and turned directly into new shop items. You’ll know this is the case because of the item description. It will include this line: Adds new items to shop when sold.

Completing Special Screenings

Special Screenings are essentially just side missions, but with a different name to fit the cinema theme of Persona Q2. These short quests are typically easy to complete. They’re a quick way to add some quality items to the store.

Upon completion of a Special Screening, you’ll receive some experience and a reward in the form of materials or access to special persona fusions. The materials that you receive are almost always the ones that automatically add new items to the store. It’s always worth the effort to obtain these incredibly helpful materials.


Appraisals don’t unlock new items for the store, but they do earn you some new accessories. Sometimes you’ll find an item that’s named something like an unknown orb or glowing patch. These items can be appraised at the store and turned into powerful accessories. The cost of the appraisal is well worth the reward.

You can find accessories that will give you complete immunity to certain ailments. You’ll need them because Persona Q2 doesn’t play nice. If you’re extremely lucky, you’ll even find accessories that triple the strength of your magic or heal the equipped character when hit with a specific type of skill. Those examples are a bit further into the game, but they’re not difficult to obtain.

That’s all you need to know about unlocking new items, weapons, and armor in the shop in Persona Q2. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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