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One Year Later Who Really Won E3 2018? Let’s Re-Rank the Press Conferences


One Year Later Who Really Won E3 2018? Let’s Re-Rank the Press Conferences

Hindsight is 20/20 right? A lot of the games that were shown at least year’s E3 were meant to hype us up for the future. Some still have us excited, others have either dropped off the face of the Earth or landed… right onto their face.

Knowing what we know about the centerpieces of each company’s E3 press conference last year, let’s cheat and re-rank everyone from worst to first.

#7 One Year Later: EA

Last Year: Square Enix


Having Anthem as the centerpiece of your conference… well it seemed like a good idea last year but yikes… that conference didn’t age well did it?

It’s not like Anthem blew us away last year either. It was basically mandatory that EA showed us something Anthem-related so fans wouldn’t panic about the state of the game.

Too bad that’s what ended up happening this year when Anthem actually came out. It was half-baked and fans are still waiting for meaningful updates that address the major issues that the game is having.

Flush that down the drain and what do you have left from that EA conference worth getting exciting about? Battlefield V? Well, that didn’t end up being all sunshine and rainbows either.

Like Twinfinite senior editor Alex Gibson said last year: “It says something about the quality of the conference that arguably the most compelling announcements were the reveals of its EA Original titles, Unravel 2 and Sea of Solitude.”

Sadly, one year later that rings even more true.

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