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My Hero Academia Season 4 Gets Premiere Date, New Teaser Trailer

My Hero Academia, Season Four

My Hero Academia Season 4 Gets Premiere Date, New Teaser Trailer

The fourth season of the My Hero Academia anime is drawing ever closer to its October release, and now fans have a firm date that they can look forward to for its premiere.

In a new teaser trailer released for the anime series, it was revealed that My Hero Academia season four will premiere on Oct. 12 in Japan. It hasn’t yet been confirmed whether the episode will be available for legal streaming in other regions on this date.

The teaser trailer likewise showed off bits of what was to come for the series both in terms of the story and newly introduced characters.

Following All Might’s retirement from his duties as a hero, the world finds itself embroiled in a power struggle between villains looking to take control and heroes looking to re-establish order and peace.

As a result, protagonist Midoriya Izuku is more determined than ever to prove himself a worthy successor of All Might’s power; not least of which to All Might’s former partner Sir Nighteye and his apprentice Lemillion.

Alongside these new mentors and a slew of new allies, he’ll need to rise to the occasion and take on the looming threat of a new criminal mastermind out to control the super-powered world by any means necessary.

The trailer came alongside a new promo visual, which shows Midoriya, Lemillion and Nighteye together below a silhouette of the season’s antagonist. Both the trailer and visual can be viewed down below.

My Hero Academia Season Four

First premiering in 2016, the My Hero Academia anime is based off of the manga of the same name. Both have enjoyed growing popularity in recent years, with the anime’s latest season reigning as one of Crunchyroll’s most viewed series of 2018.

If you’re new to the series and looking to jump into it, or just eager to get a refresher on everything that has happened so far, you can view all of My Hero Academia’s currently available episodes on Crunchyroll or Funimation.

For more on the upcoming season, check out the visual released a few months back showing off Midoriya alongside Lemillion.

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