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Judgment: How to Get Bat Appropriation Ex Action

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Judgment: How to Get Bat Appropriation Ex Action

Judgment’s combat system is filled with over-the-top and hyper-violent moves for you to use, that are both flashy and functional. Unfortunately, many of these moves will need to be unlocked or gained in some way, and that includes a lot of EX Actions. With that, here is how to get the Bat Appropriation EX Action in Judgment.

How to Get Bat Appropriation EX Action in Judgment

Bat Appropriation is a skill at the very bottom of the Combat tab in the Skills menu, and it’s probably the one that’ll take the longest to unlock. This is because you’ll need to become friends with Yoshida, owner of the Yoshida Batting Center, in order to get the skill book that unlocks it.

The only problem is Yoshida won’t even appear until you’ve beaten every single challenge at the batting center. This means clearing all four home run courses, and all 12 challenge courses. Needless to say, your batting skills need to be up to snuff, and keep in mind that each time you play at the batting cage you’ll pay a few hundred yen.

Luckily, there’s a bit of a trick you can use. In each course the location of all 10 pitches stays exactly the same, so what you can do is simply play the course one time, write down the location of each pitch, and then use that to get a leg-up the next time. It’s pretty easy to clear up all of the courses this way.

There’s another friend you can make sitting in the right hallway of the batting center, who’ll give you gloves that lengthen the window for hitting homes runs. After you clear all the home run courses, you can go back to him and he’ll give you the Golden Bat which makes your hitting icon huge, making the batting minigame drastically easier.

Once you’ve beaten all 16 challenges, you can talk to Yoshida in the batting center who’ll give you, guess what, two more challenges. Use the same trick to beat these, and you’ll finally be given the Secret Technique: Bat Appropriation skill book. Whew, that took some work.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the bat appropriation EX Action in Judgment. For more tips, tricks, and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, or take a look at our Judgment guide wiki.

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