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FIFA 19’s Team of the Week Is Stopping for the Summer; New Promo Coming Next Week

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FIFA 19’s Team of the Week Is Stopping for the Summer; New Promo Coming Next Week

EA Sports has announced that Team of the Week will be taking a break in FIFA 19 after this week, with something new being revealed next Wednesday to replace it.

Team of the Week has been revealed and released every Wednesday since the game launched last September. With the domestic seasons finishing, though, there aren’t many good performances to include in a team each week, as can be seen with the terrible one that’ll come to packs today.

Team of the Week will return in FIFA 19 on Aug. 14, when the European seasons begin again, but something has been teased as a replacement.

Whether it is something new that’ll come on Wednesdays as a direct replacement, or a new Friday promo that’ll carry the weight, we don’t know, but there are a few options.

Futties, a new Festival of FUT style event, a best of TOTW selection, or something new based on the on-going Copa America are all possibilities.

Festival of FUT was a great time for FIFA 18, as most of the best versions of all players were added into packs at the same time. The market crashed spectacularly, but it gave players a chance to use almost any player in the game as the cycle came to and end.

We’ll, of course, have everything you need on the FIFA 19 TOTW replacement once it has been revealed next week.

The TOTW break does raise a few questions, though. First, what will the FUT Champions Red Player rewards be this week? Surely they can’t just be the terrible TOTW players that were revealed today.

Secondly, TOTW players have become very expensive over the last few weeks as fewer high rated ones have been in packs. They could become difficult to find on the market going forward, so will anything be done to counter that for players who want to complete SBCs that require that card type?

Hopefully EA Sports will address those concerns before the weekend. For now, say goodbye to Team of the Week in FIFA 19 for the next month or so.

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