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FFXIV Shadowbringers: How to Unlock Dancer & Beginner Tips Guide

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FFXIV Shadowbringers: How to Unlock Dancer & Beginner Tips Guide

FFXIV Shadowbringers is here and with it, of course, comes new jobs that players can take on and level up either as new mains or just for fun. One of the new jobs is the ranged physical DPS, Dancer, and if you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to unlock Dancer in FFXIV Shadowbringers, find the starting quest, and in get some beginner tips to get started. Here’s everything you need to know.

Starting the Quest to Unlock Dancer in FFXIV Shadowbringers

To unlock the Dancer job in FFXIV Shadowbringers, you’ll first need to head on over to Limsa Lominsa. Perhaps surprisingly to some, neither of the new jobs are picked up while exploring the First, although they will still play an important role in the story should you choose to take on Dancer as your new main when you first run through Shadowbringers.

Anyway, port on over to Limsa Lominsa and then go to Lower Decks (you spawn there) coordinates X 9.8, Y 12. You’re looking for a NPC by the name of Eager Lominsan. They are probably eager to get you going on the quest line for Dancer in FFXIV Shadowbringers, so don’t dilly dally, go on and speak to ’em.

Once you speak the Eager Lominsan and start the quest, Shall We Dance, the quest markers should adequately hold your hand through the rest of the quest to fully unlock Dancer and get your Soul Stone.

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