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Total War Three Kingdoms: How to Capture Generals

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Total War Three Kingdoms: How to Capture Generals

Total War Three Kingdoms shares a lot in common with past Total War games, and that includes the ability to capture enemy generals that you face in combat. Of course, there are a few different factors that contribute to this, so here’s how to capture generals in Total War Three Kingdoms.

How to Capture Generals in Total War Three Kingdoms

Put in the simplest way, any time you beat an enemy army in battle you’ll have a chance of capturing the enemy general, albeit a small chance.

By reading an enemy general’s description page you’ll be able to tell if they’re recruitable or not, and it seems like letting the general live and chasing them down gives you a better chance than killing them in battle.

Of course, it’s all based on percentages so it’s hard to tell how much of an influence this has. Capturing an enemy general will happen automatically, and if you’ve succeeded you’ll see a “Character Captured” window pop up at the end of the battle.

Here you’ll be able to choose if you want to recruit them, release them, or execute them.

Boosting your Capture Chance

There’s really only one way of increasing your capture chance in battle, and that’s investing in one particular skill, the Patience one.

This skill can be found on the trees for any of the General classes, and each one will increase that class’ chance of capture by 25 percent, as well as increase their damage to walls.

It’s worth investing in if you’re hoping to sway some of those powerful enemy generals to your side.

That’s everything you need to know about how to capture generals in Total War Three Kingdoms. Make sure you take a look at our own review of the game, and find out why we think it’s an instant classic strategy experience.

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