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Mordhau: Can You Get more Equipment Points? Answered

Mordhau, Can You Get More Equipment Points

Mordhau: Can You Get more Equipment Points? Answered

Can You Get More Equipment Points in Mordhau? Answered

A big part of Mordhau is gathering weapons and resources that’ll increase your chances of success. Given that what you can equip is limited by equipment points though, you probably want to know if you can get more equipment points in Mordhau.

Unfortunately, the answer is a hard no.

Players are limited to a firm 16 point equipment point restriction. There is currently no way to increase this amount, and the game’s developer Triternion has given no indication this design element will change.

This may be disappointing at first glance – after all, having more equipment points would allow you to exponentially increase your chances of winning matches – but when looked at from a design perspective, it makes perfect sense.

Why You Can’t Get More Equipment Points in Mordhau

By limiting how many equipment points each player has, Triternion balances the game in a way that forces players to more carefully choose which items and weapons they take into battle.

Sure, going after a great sword may be more lucrative if you’re intent on dealing as much damage as possible. By having it equipped, however, you’ll limit how much else you can pick up and carry to make your strategies more varied.

Likewise, this keeps any players from overpowering their opponents at the outset. Having someone enter a match with the ability to deck themselves out with whatever they wish would give them a huge advantage, and ruin the fun for most every other player.

With the limited points system in place, you can enter any game knowing that, aside from general experience playing the game, you and every other player are entering matches with an equal chance for success.

Hopefully, this cleared up whether you can get more equipment points in Mordhau. For more on the game, check out our guide on how to play in third person.

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