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Craziest Rage 2 Easter Eggs We’ve Found So Far

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Craziest Rage 2 Easter Eggs We’ve Found So Far

The world of Rage 2 is whimsical and completely over the top, so it stands to reason there are a few amusing easter eggs to found throughout the wasteland. Here we’re recapping some of the wildest easter eggs we’ve found in Rage 2, but it’s not an exhaustive list and we’ll be sure to keep it updated if we find anything more.

Rage 2 Easter Eggs

Cult of the Death God

You’ll only actually get to see this easter egg if you purchased the Collector’s Edition or Deluxe version of Rage 2, which is a bit of shame. Particularly so, if you played the original Rage, as you’ll remember Nicholas Raine.

Raine is the silent protagonist in the original Rage, and he’s obviously done his fair share of killing goons and mutants.

In fact, as you’ll discover in the bonus mission Cult of the Death God, he’s killed so many mutants that the survivors of the Eden project now revere him as some sort of deity who they now worship.

BFG 9000 in Rage 2

Id software couldn’t resist including a nod to its best-known IP, and we’re so glad they did. Again, unfortunately, the iconic BFG 9000 is only available for those that purchased the Collector’s Edition or Deluxe version of Rage 2.

If that’s you then we’d definitely recommend picking up this piece of gaming history as it makes every Goon’s head you decapitate like a trip down memory lane. Here’s our guide on how to get it and where it’s located.

Elon Musk Easter Egg

Elon Musk, a man who once called Twitter the Dark Souls of the internet and once jokingly suggested he was going to delete Fortnite forever, now has his very own spot in Rage 2.

Exploring the wasteland, players will eventually come across a secret bunker, and when they step inside they’ll be greeted by an AI called Elton Tusk.

Elton Tusk is the former CEO of Tusk Industries, a company whose body of work includes space travel, eco-pods, and nanotrites, which you can check out by inspecting the many posters adorning the bunker’s walls.

Tusk is dubbed the “great science mogul” in Rage 2, but you’ll quickly discover that things didn’t turn out well for him despite his successes and inordinate wealth. We won’t spoil too much, but it’s fair to say this is one of the most amusing things you’ll come across in Rage 2.

You will need to finish the first Dr. Kvasir mission before you can gain access to the secret bunker, which is located about 300 meters due east of the Chazcar derby on the map’s eastern side.

WWE Wrestler Names

If you go and visit the town of Gunbarrel, you’ll encounter several NPCs with names that are a little too similar to notable WWE wrestlers to be a coincidence.

Indeed, they either have the same first or last name, or they have an alias that’s based on an iconic wrestling move.

Some examples include, Kenneth Alpha (Kenny Omega), and Ronda Raynes surely combines Ronda Rousey and Roman Reigns. You’ve also got Bruise Armbar, Brie Hawkins, Amina Cross, and many more.

You can find Gunbarrel in the Broken Tract region of Rage 2. Just walk around areas like the local bar to find NPCs whose names are displayed when you approach them.

Tim Willits

Tim Willits is the studio director at id Software who worked on Rage 2 during its development, and he’s been immortalized in the game in a very strange and unconventional way.

Rather than the traditional naming of a location after his surname, or perhaps appearing as a poster in a random room of an underground bunker, Wimothy Tiliits can be found in Wellspring… sitting on a toilet… eating a rat. Yeah, like we said, very strange.

Willits told VG247:

“During production, a number of the team had our faces digitally scanned for use as NPCs (it saves time modelling new heads). My character was originally a tough guard, one of the first NPCs players would have met in the game, but I felt if I made myself important in the game, I would look like an egotistical prick who asked the team to make sure players saw my character.

“So… I asked the team to put me in some corner as maybe ‘a rat meat vendor’. It turns out, I should have been more specific with my request. The team had some fun with my character and I love what they did. It is quite funny and it shows the quirky and fun side of RAGE 2.”

Quirky, indeed. Good on you for being a good sport, Tim!

That does it for our list of the best easter eggs we’ve found so far in Rage 2. For more guides on the game, check out our extensive wiki page.

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