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Yuppie Psycho: How to Save

Yuppie Psycho, save

Yuppie Psycho: How to Save

Nobody likes the thought of working a repetitive office job, stuck at a desk with only a trip to the printer to break the monotony. Now imagine if on top of all that your colleagues were mutating into grotesque monsters! That’s the long and short of developer Baroque Decay’s latest game, and you will need definitely need to know how to save in Yuppie Psycho if you are going to survive.

How to Save in Yuppie Psycho

Yuppie Psycho doesn’t make saving an automated, background process. Earning the right to save is very much part of the survival horror experience of this pixelated horror-adventure game.

To save the game you will need to locate a photocopying machine, but you can’t use it without ink and a special type of paper called Witch Paper.

Ink and Witch Paper

Ink is found throughout the game and is necessary to prime the printer before saving. Paper is something you should find pretty generously scattered around the game, but if you’re struggling then try searching dead bodies.

What is interesting about the save mechanic in Yuppie Psycho is that Witch Paper isn’t simply used to save your progress, it is also a currency used to purchase items.

This won’t be too much of an issue early in the game, but later during your playthrough, you’ll find yourself needing to think very carefully about whether your Witch Paper is best used for saving or for buying. It’s sometimes frustrating, certainly, but it also adds a neat bit of tension to the experience and another layer of strategy.

That should be everything you need to know about how to save in Yuppie Psycho. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite. We should have more coverage of this awesome indie horror-adventure game over the coming weeks.

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