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Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 Releasing for All Backers

Star Citizen

Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 Releasing for All Backers

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games is finally rolling out alpha version 3.5, which brings a ton of new content.

We’re getting the new Coruscant-like planet ArcCorp and its moons, a brand new character customization system with the ability to create a female avatar, more missions, more starship, weapons, and more.

One of the most relevant additions is a completely revamped flight model designed to make piloting your favorite starships more visceral and immersive.

The announcement was made on the game’s official forums, which also include the extensive patch notes for the new update.

Do keep in mind that your launcher may not update immediately to the new version because it appears to be still propagating. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to wait a bit.

If you want to hear more about the game, you can also read our interview with Cloud Imperium Games Los Angeles studio director Eric Kieron Davis discussing all things alpha 3.5. You can also check out a video showcasing the upcoming character creation feature.

Star Citizen is coming exclusively to PC but doesn’t yet have a release date. For the sake of full disclosure, the author of this post is among Star Citizen’s backers since the time of the first Kickstarter.

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