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Division 2: How to Get Nemesis Exotic Sniper Rifle


Division 2: How to Get Nemesis Exotic Sniper Rifle

Here’s How to Get the Nemesis Exotic Sniper Rifle in Division 2

The most recent Division 2 update brought World Tier 5, the new Tidal Basin stronghold and an exotic sniper rifle into the game. Here’s how to get the Nemesis Exotic sniper rifle in The Division 2.

Before we jump into the necessary steps one must take to get the Nemesis, it’s important to note that as of right now, it is impossible to get this gun. It requires you to collect four unique parts, but as of right now, it’s not yet possible to obtain all four.

How to Get the First Part Available Right Now

Before even starting this quest, you must first complete the Tidal Basin stronghold and get to World Tier 5, which can only be done by completing this stronghold. Once you’ve done that and reached World Tier 5, you need to finish the rest of the World Tier 5 content available.

After that, you’ll have access to Tidal Basin again. Head back into this stronghold on Normal.

Progress though the stronghold until you reach the section where Ortega tells you to patch ISAC into a laptop. This comes right before you’re tasked with destroying the first layer of defenses.

Once you’ve been instructed to patch ISAC into a laptop, look for the only multi-level building in sight. Head into it and go to the top floor. There, you’ll find a bedroom and a Black Tusk keycard. Pick this up.

Continue through the stronghold until you reach the hovercraft bay. Inside of here, look for a door that you can unlock with your Black Tusk keycard. Inside this door is a weapon crate containing the Adrestia SR1.

Pick this up and deconstruct it when you can to obtain one of two Nemesis components: Marksman Rifle: Scope — The Tally.

How to Get the Second Part Available Right Now

To get the second available part of the Nemesis, head into the Capitol Building stronghold on Normal. At the very end of this stronghold, you’ll be tasked with defeating David “Prime” Maxwell.

Defeat him and he’ll drop a part called Marksman Rifle: Barrel — The Scourge.

This is the second part of the Nemesis and thus completes your Nemesis quest so far.

What to Do Next

When these strongholds enter weekly rotation, run them again, defeat their bosses and obtain the Marksman Rifle: Bolt and Stock.

These are the final two parts you need to build the Nemesis. Sadly, though, having the parts simply isn’t enough. You still need the Nemesis Exotic sniper rifle blueprint, which as of now, isn’t available in the game.

We’ll be sure to update the post whenever we learn more.

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