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Days Gone: All Anarchist Cairns Locations

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Days Gone: All Anarchist Cairns Locations

With a massive open world game like Days Gone there’s bound to be plenty of activities to do and items to collect. Whether it’s collecting bounties like Freaker ears, or finding pieces of the past world, there are plenty of collectibles to track down in Days Gone. One of the trickier ones to find can be Anarchist Cairns, so here are all Anarchist Cairns locations in Days Gone.

All Anarchist Cairns Locations in Days Gone

Finding Anarchist Cairns is tied to the “Kick Rocks” trophy, and in order to get it you’ll need to knock over 12 different Cairns. It’s important to note, however, that there are much more than 12 in the game, but you’ll only need to knock over 12 for the trophy.

We’ll help detail the 12 easiest ones to find, but we’ll update this article with more if we find them. You can also note any additional locations you’ve found down in the comments below. For each Cairn, you’ll need to actually walk up to it, then hit square to knock it down.

  • 1 – Belknap Region – Head to the lake in the top-left corner of the map, then go to the bottom left area of it. You should see the Rock Cairn sitting just off of the shore.
  • 2 – Belknap Region – From the lake you were just at, head south to the group of red buildings, then head directly west into the group of trees past the road. Find the big rock with the crashed helicopter, then head around to the right and climb up the small ledge. The cairn is straight ahead after that.
  • 3 – Belknap Region – Now follow the road down south until it starts to bend to the east. Look out for a small cliff sitting just off the left side of the road, and you’ll see the Cairn sitting there.
  • 4 – Belknap Region – Follow the same road until you reach the river just a short distance away. Head down and under the bridge to find the Anarchist Cairn.
  • 5 – Belknap Region – Keep heading East to a gas station in the black rocky area. Then head just south of the gas station and up a small mountain, to find the Cairn on the top.
  • 6 – Belknap Region – Head southwest from the last location to the base of the large mountain, the East side of it. At the base where the path splits you’ll find the Cairn in a small cave.
  • 7 – Belknap Region – Now you’re going to backtrack and head all the way North, past the lake where you found the first Cairn. Follow the road until it splits off into a dirt road, and follow the dirt road Northeast until you reach an area with cliffs. You can see the Cairn from the road, so climb up the cliff and knock it over.
  • 8 – Lost Lake Region – At the Northeast section of the Lost Lake map, head to the small town of blue buildings with the circle in the middle. Head due West to a small cliff with a camp on it to find the Anarchist Cairn.
  • 9 – Lost Lake Region – Follow the road south from the last location and watch the river until you reach a series of small waterfalls. The Cairn is on the East side of the river, near the waterfalls.
  • 10 – Lost Lake Region – Head all the way to the South of the Lost Lake region, until it starts turning into snow. Head to the end of road that leads South into the next region, then go East to an island in the water (right before the map turns into snow). The Cairn is at the bottom of a waterfall to the South of the island.
  • 11 – Lost Lake Region – Now head Northwest into the forest near your previous location. Head to the North end of the forest and look for a cliff with the Cairn on it.
  • 12 – Lost Lake Region – Look on the map for the two large lakes next to each other, then look for a smaller lake to the West. Head there and then go the West shore. You’ll find the Cairn on a small ledge at the base of the mountain.

That does it for all Anarchist Cairns locations in Days Gone. For even more tips and info make sure to search Twinfinite, and check out our extensive Days Gone guide wiki.

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