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Conan Exiles: How to Get Legendary Armor


Conan Exiles: How to Get Legendary Armor

How to Get Legendary Armor in Conan Exiles

Just as in other MMORPGs, Conan Exiles has legendary armor sets that you can acquire which are the most powerful in the game and feature the best possible stats. They’re not easy to find, though, often necessitating you to travel in dangerous areas and take on particularly tough enemies. Here’s how to get legendary armor in Conan Exiles.

Virtually every legendary armor set in Conan Exiles is found by looting boss creatures. That is to say, you’ll need to take out specific boss creatures to get specific legendary armor gear. The key to getting legendary armor is knowing which enemies to loot at which locations.

Luckily, the boss creatures you’ll need to beat are all in one place, which makes things somewhat easier. Unfortunately, it is one of the harder biomes in the game, so you’ll need to make sure you have decent gear and supplies before attempting it.

The specific location/biome you need to head to is the Unnamed City.

We’ll list below the boss creatures associated with each legendary armor set in the Unnamed City, and you can see their location on the image.

  • Vermin Hide Pants/Boots – Winged Death (4)
  • Helm/Gauntlets of the Brute – The Brute (7)
  • War Mammoth Boots – Gravewalker (5)
  • Commanders Helmet/Chestplate – The Watcher/The Commander/Gravewalker (5)
  • God Eye – The Red Mother (6)
  • Legacy of the Nordheimers – The Watcher/The Commander/Gravewalker (5)
  • War Dancer Chest – The Watcher/The Commander/Gravewalker (5)
  • Scorpion Helm/Harness – The Watcher/The Commander/Gravewalker (5)
  • The Horned Helmet – The Red Mother (6)
  • Exquisite Silk Shirt/Leggings – The Watcher/The Commander/Gravewalker (5)
  • Nightstalkers Mask – The Watcher/The Commander/Gravewalker (5)

You can check the image below for exact locations:

legendary armor

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That should make it clear how to get legendary armor in Conan Exiles. For more useful tips, guides, and information on the game, search Twinfinite. We have got plenty of similar content, such as how to get thick leather, cook food, and knock out enemies.

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