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New Catherine: Full Body Trailer Is All About Nightmares

Catherine: Full Body

New Catherine: Full Body Trailer Is All About Nightmares

Today Sega and Atlus USA released a brand new trailer of the upcoming Catherine remake Catherine: Full Body, which will come west at the end of summer.

This trailer is about one of the most unique aspects of the game, which is the platforming puzzles portraying Vincent’s nightmares. They have received a rather extensive overhaul in the remake, including new difficulty modes, and an official competitive mode.

That’s not surprising considering that the competitive scene for the original game flourished among the community even when it wasn’t officially supported.

One of the biggest changes included in this remake is the addition of a new heroine named Rin, voiced in English by Brianna Knickerbocker.

You can check it out below alongside a few screenshots and a look at the Launch Edition and the “Heart’s Desire” Premium Edition, alongside the static PS4 theme which is a pre-order bonus on the PlayStation Store.

If you want to see more, you can also check out the most recent Japanese trailer, which included a theme song performed by the Tokyo-based pop band Sekai no Owari.

The game will launch in North America and Europe on Sept. 3 exclusively for PS4, losing the PS Vita version which was released only in Japan.

A demo of Catherine: Full Body was also released in Japan and it included a track that is said to be a remixed version of one that will come with Studio Zero’s next game, the mysterious Project Re Fantasy.

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