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Trails of Cold Steel PS4: All Class Question Answers

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Trails of Cold Steel PS4: All Class Question Answers

All Class Question Answers in Trails of Cold Steel PS4

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel uses an AP system throughout the entire game, that ties into your ranking at the end of each chapter. There are a ton of different ways to gain AP in Trails of Cold Steel, from completing side quests to finding secrets. One of those ways is choosing the right answer to questions in class, so here are all class question answers in Trails of Cold Steel PS4.

What AP Gets You in Trails of Cold Steel

First off, we should note that gaining AP is definitely in your best interest, as it can net you some nice rewards in Trails of Cold Steel. New items and materials can be awarded through gaining AP, and there’s also bits of story attached to many side quests.

That being said, by no means do you have to complete sidequets, gain AP, or even answer questions right. You can make it through the game perfectly fine without doing any of that.

Class Questions Answers

We’ve listed all of the class questions in Trails of Cold Steel by the date that they appear in-game. Do note that there are many other ways to gain AP, and this is simply covering the right answers to questions Rean is asked.

Below you’ll find all of the correct answers, midterm answers, and we’ve included the Substitute Tutor Sidequest as well, due to that being “academic” based.

  • April 17 – Nord Highlands
  • April 25 – Provincial Army
  • May 22 – Orbal Communication
  • May 22 – At front gate with Crow – Drawstring at his feet
  • May 22- Substitute Tutor Sidequest – Roughly 50 years ago, Professor C. Epstein, Weapons like Guns and Artillery

Midterms – Class Question Answers

Before taking the midterm test in Trails of Cold Steel you need to actually have Rean study and talk to people in order to get AP from the test. Here’s what you need to do to prepare, in no specific order.

  • Talk to History Instructor Thomas in the 2F Library
  • Read “Political Economics: A Primer on 2F Library
  • Read “Military Science: A Primer” on a bench in the gym
  • Talk to Becky at the Main Building Entrance
  • Talk to Art Instructor Mary in the Infirmary, Main Building 1F
  • Talk to Orbal Science Instructor Makarov at the East Hall of Main Building 1F
  • Read “The Fancier Guide to Erebonian Opera and Painting” in the Music Room at Main Building 2F
  • Talk to Beryl on the Main Building Roof
  • Talk to Linde in the Student Union Building 1F
  • Read “Erebonian History in Pictures” at the bookcase in the Literature Club, Student Union Building 1F

Now that you’ve prepared Rean accordingly, you’ll need to take the test and choose the right answer to maximize your AP. Here are the midterm class question answers in Trails of Cold Steel.

  • July 952
  • Sketch
  • Armored
  • Allow arts usage without quartz
  • Imperial Public Transportation Act
  • B, D, A, C

Back to business as normal for the last couple of questions.

  • June 28 – 3:00 AM, The weapon that was used
  • August 21 – Eisenritter

That’s everything you need to know about all class question answers in Trails of Cold Steel PS4. For even more on the Trails series make sure to search Twinfinite, and check out our official review to see why we called Trails of Cold Steel a classic JRPG.

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