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Division 2: How to Save

how to save, the division 2

Division 2: How to Save

How to Save in The Division 2

The Division 2 follows up Ubisoft’s first attempt at the shared-world-shooter genre back in 2016. From what we’ve played so far, many of the systems and mechanics are familiar territory this time around. But what about the quality of life features like saving? Here’s how to save in The Division 2 in case you’re wondering.

Just as with the first game, The Division 2 uses a persistent world design means the game is constantly connected to Ubisoft’s online servers.

Even if you are playing by yourself and not engaging with cooperative areas like the Dark Zone, you’re still connected to a server. That means that saving isn’t something you’ll ever need to do manually.

Indeed, The Division 2 has an automatic save system, so if you don’t see any option to save your progress then don’t worry — it’s all being taken care of behind the scenes.

For the most part, that’s a pretty convenient setup, but the lack of an option to manually save can be a bore when you’re wanting to quit out of a mission midway through.

You’ll generally lose your progress and have to restart from the nearest checkpoint, rather than being able to jump in and out from exactly where you left off.

Just be careful not to take on any lengthy missions too close to bedtime, ok! Otherwise, might find yourself in a situation where you’re going to have either keep pushing on to the end or risk losing your progress.

That is all the information you should need about how to save in The Division 2. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out our extensive wiki page. You can expect plenty of coverage of the game here at Twinfinite over the next couple of weeks as we dig deeper into the game.

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