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Sekiro Light Coin Purse Locations: Where to Find Light Coin Purses & What They Do

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Sekiro Light Coin Purse Locations: Where to Find Light Coin Purses & What They Do

Where to Find Light Coin Purses & What They Do in Sekiro

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice basically has two different resources you’ll need to keep track of, skill experience and money, called Sen. There’s a few different ways of getting Sen in the game, some of which are tied to items you can collect. Here’s where to find Light Coin Purses and what they do in Sekiro. 

What Light Coin Purses Do

There are a number of coin purses to find scattered across the world of Sekiro, and there are three different kinds; Light, Heavy, and Bulging. Each Coin Purse gets stored in your inventory, and you’re able to use it at any time for a little boost in Sen.

Each Light Coin Purse will give you 100 Sen instantly, and the good news is that the money from purses won’t disappear when you die, unlike everything else.

Purse Locations

Light Coin Purses are always optional items that you find, and there’s a few that we’ve found so far. Of course, keep in mind that there are likely plenty more locations that we haven’t found yet.

  • After you play through the opening and get to the Dilapidated Temple exit the building and then circle around to the back. You’ll see the Light Coin Purse sitting on a rock.
  • Ashina Outskirts, head past the area where you fight the mini-boss General Naomori Kawarada. In the next area with a bunch of enemies look for a house with a bird’s nest on the top. Climb up and find the Light Coin Purse in the nest.
  • Ashina Outskirts, in the building with the old woman that gives you the Young Lord’s Bell Charm. Drop to the floor below the old lady then break through the shelves against the wall to find a room that has three Coin Purses.
  • You can also purchase Light Purses from the Memorial Mob for 100 Sen. You’ll technically be losing out on 10 Sen, but the money from the Coin Purses won’t disappear when you die, so it might be a better idea.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Light Coin Purses in Sekiro. If we find any more locations we’ll be sure to update this guide with them, and if you’ve found any that we’ve missed make sure to drop them in the comments below!

For even more tips and info make sure to search Twinfinite, or take a look at our Sekiro guide wiki.

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