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MLB The Show 19: How to Hit Home Runs

how to hit home runs, mlb the show 19

MLB The Show 19: How to Hit Home Runs

How to Hit Home Runs in MLB The Show 19

MLB the Show 19 is finally here and baseball fans are diving into the latest and hopefully greatest from Sony’s San Diego Studios. What is certainly unchanged from this year is the home run, one of the most well-known plays in all of American sports. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to hit home runs in MLB The Show 19.

There’s no way to “cheat” and hit home runs every time, no matter what YouTube headline tells you otherwise. There are techniques of course that will give you a better chance, but there’s no surefire way.

The following things are considered when you hit the ball to to determine how far it’s going to go and whether or not you’re going to hit a home run: contact, timing, the hitter’s power, the pitcher’s HR/9, and difficulty, are a few of the major things that are going to matter.

If you’re playing offline, and just want to crush the ball as much as humanely possible, then the best way to get home runs in that case is to just lower the difficulty to the lowest setting possible. That’s the best way to hit home runs consistently as all the other factors we described above will be far more forgiving.

If you’re playing online though, or are playing offline and want a fair/realistic experience, then here’s what you should do.

Picking Controls You’re Comfortable With in MLB The Show 19

First you need to figure out what control scheme you like best. People will give recommendations on what they think is the best, but ultimately whatever you’re most comfortable with is the best one for hitting home runs in MLB the Show 19.

If you’re dying for a recommendation, we prefer using Zone hitting with a Strike Zone camera angle. The reason we like this is because it gives you a very good look at what kind of pitch is coming at you because of how zoomed in it is. The Zone hitting gives you a lot of control on getting proper contact onto the ball as long as you have quick reflexes.

Home Run Timing, Contact and Power Swings

If you’re very skilled at the game, the best way to hit home runs is power swing using Square, and use the zone hitting to get perfect contact and timing onto the ball.

If you combine those three things (power swing, perfect contact, perfect timing) with a hitter that as a high power attribute, that’s going to give you highest chance to hit a home run.

That said, you need to be decently skilled at the game to get all those three things right on higher difficulties, especially online. If you don’t get good contact/timing with a power swing, there’s a higher chance you’ll just pop out instead, or just completely wiff.

You can still hit home runs using the basic X swing, and if you’re still practicing the game, that’s probably what you should do because it’s more forgiving, and you can at least walk away with a base hit more consistently than a pop out if you aren’t perfect.

That’s all you need to know for how to hit home runs in MLB The Show 19. Make sure you’re using the control scheme you like best, and just practice getting perfect timing and contact on the ball and eventually you’ll be swinging for the fences more consistently.

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