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This Left Alive Promotional Video Is Certainly Very Japanese (and Hilarious)

Left Alive

This Left Alive Promotional Video Is Certainly Very Japanese (and Hilarious)

Square Enix just released a new promotional video for its stealth survival shooter Left Alive, that has recently been launched in Japan.

Japan is awesome and obviously very different from western countries. This means that things that aren’t supposed to be funny can appear hilarious to the western eye, while something that is already comedic can easily have its effect multiplied, even more so if you don’t understand a word of it.

Today’s video features the Tokyo-based comedy trio Panther as they get kidnapped while playing Left Alive and find themselves trapped somewhere, having to escape from… water guns.

There’s even some fanservice (at least for those who enjoy manboobs) as a mysterious character played by comedian Hollywood Zakoshisyoh enters the scene. Is he a friend or an enemy? You’ll discover the answer by watching the video below.

If you want to read more about Left Alive, you can read our recent interview dedicated to the game. We also recently saw the launch trailer and a gameplay video explaining how the game works.

You can also enjoy more recent gameplay including some featuring Wanzers in action, another group of clips, the latest TV commercial, a video focusing on the soundtrack, and the unboxing of the collector’s edition.

Left Alive launched a few days ago (Feb. 28, 2019) in Japan for PS4. It’ll come west on March 5 for PS4 and PC.

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