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These Hardcore Mecha Figures are Absolutely Awesome

Hardcore Mecha

These Hardcore Mecha Figures are Absolutely Awesome

If you have followed the games presented at the China Hero Project conference last week, you probably know about Hardcore Mecha.

The game has been in development for a while, following a successful Kickstarter Campaign by developer RocketPunch, back then, the game was called Code: Hardcore. Following its entrance in Sony Interactive Entertainment’s China Hero Project program, it appears to have increased its scope considerably. Just a few days ago, it received a new trailer revealing the single-player campaign.

While the game is really cool in itself, it’s also getting figures representing mecha, and those are super-cool as well.

The first, which you’ll see in the gallery below, is a die-cast figure of the hero mecha MFX-20T Thunderbolt [S] manufactured by GCS Toys as part of its Climax Creature Series. According to RocketPunch, it has “entered the last phase before sale.”

The second is the MA140G Roundhammer stronghold interdiction mech, which comes in Siege Cannon Type and Particle Cannon Type variants by 核诚治造 (don’t ask me to pronounce this one. I have no idea). It’s actually already available in China.

The only downside to this is that for now, we have no idea if those figures will ever be available in the west, or at least through channels that would make them purchasable from here relatively easily. While I certainly hope so, your guess is as good as mine.

Hardcore Mecha is coming this year for PS4 and PC. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy the pictures below.

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