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Division 2: How to Get More Ammo

Division 2, how to get more ammo

Division 2: How to Get More Ammo

How to Get More Ammo in Division 2

Ammo is the bread and butter of any shooter game, and the same rings true for Division 2. You’ll need plenty of bullets to gun down your many enemies. If you’re low on supplies, here’s how to get more ammo in Division 2.

It goes without saying, but guns are pretty much useless without ammo. You won’t be able to use them during fights, which can get quite tricky when you’re in a tight spot. You’ll always want to have enough ammo under your belt in case big fights break out in Division 2.

How to Get Ammo

Restocking on ammo is incredibly easy –it’s all about looking for the supply caches scattered around the map. As you play, you’ll find some blue boxes around the battlefield. You’ll spot them right away because they’ll start to glow as soon as you look at them.

Division 2, how to get more ammo

Once you find one of these supply caches in Division 2, simply run over to it and inspect it. A button prompt will then pop up, and all you need to do is press that specific button to pick up the ammo inside the blue box.

On PS4, you’ll need to hold square. And on Xbox One, you’ll need to hold the X button.

It’s worth noting that there are different types of ammo in Division 2. Each weapon uses different types of bullets, such as rifle ammo. Each blue box won’t have the same type of bullets, so you’ll have to make the most of which type you get.

That pretty much covers everything you need to know about how to get more ammo in Division 2. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our expansive wiki. We’ve got tons of other guides to help you out, such as how to fast travel, how to play co-op multiplayer with friends, how to deconstruct items, and more.

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