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Dev: Firestorm Won’t Feature “Exotic Modes” at Launch, but ‘Weekly Experiences’ & Progression Will Follow

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Dev: Firestorm Won’t Feature “Exotic Modes” at Launch, but ‘Weekly Experiences’ & Progression Will Follow

Battlefield V’s anticipated battle royale mode, Firestorm, is launching next week, but it won’t feature any sort of battle pass or players challenge system at launch.

Instead, progression is, for the time being, part of ‘Tides of War.’ But that is set to change moving forward as Criterion looks to add new progression to the mode in the future.

During the preview event, we were also privy to a content roadmap for the entire Battlefield V package. One of the more interesting new upcoming features they spoke of were something called ‘weekly experiences.’

New to Battlefield, these weekly experiences are designed to “drive value for the game create new ways to experience Battlefield.” Presumably, they’re limited time modes similar to something you might see in Fortnite.

One thing I was keen to discover during my interview with Criterion Software Producer Arthur Rohart was whether these sorts of ‘weekly experiences’ would extend to Firestorm. Will we see content in the form of objectives and challenges in Firestorm? Here’s what I was told:

“The goal is that Firestorm will evolve and be updated over time via Battlefield’s live service. So, you can expect weekly experiences, as well as continuous quality of life improvements, class play, weapon and vehicle customization and progression/leaderboards being rolled out over time. However, there won’t be any “exotic modes” at launch.”

So that’s confirmed then. More than that, Rohart also mentions “class play” among other potential future features, suggesting that classes may be somehow incorporated into Firestorm. Currently, of course, they aren’t, which I thought was a bit of a shame in my preview impressions.

You can read the full interview Q&A with Rohart here.

Otherwise, for more information on Battlefield V Firestorm, check out our full analysis of Firestorm’s Halvoy map, or read our breakdown of the unique features that make it stand apart from other battle royale games.

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