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Dawn of Man: How to Get Mud

Dawn of Man, Mud

Dawn of Man: How to Get Mud

How to Get Mud in Dawn of Man

It may seem like one of the easier materials to get, but figuring out how to get Mud in Dawn of Man can be a huge pain.

Typically found in and around river beds or other bodies of water, mud is one of the first materials you’ll be able to harvest and is needed for crafting early structures in your settlement.

However, as you begin to craft more structures, you’ll find that the closer deposits of mud will be exhausted in a short time. As such, you’ll need to travel outside of your settlement to find more deposits of mud out in the overworld.

Where to Find It

To do this, turn on your Primal Vision in Dawn of Man. This will highlight any and all harvestable resources in the overworld, with a different color attached to each resource to help them stand out.

On the other hand, if you’re unable to use primal vision, scan over areas near rivers or lakes. Deposits of mud should be available there and can be targeted for harvest once you find them.

Once you do, send settlers out to harvest the mud from the deposit. So long as the area of Dawn of Man’s map isn’t too dangerous, they should be able to do this repeatedly without much trouble.

However, if they encounter threats along the way or your settlement is low on vital resources like food or water, they will frequently turn back and return home to work towards the cultivation of these resources.

To prevent this, make sure your settlement is well stocked and keep the group of settlers you send out safe. This should allow them to successfully reach the mud deposit and return with a nice chunk of the resource.

Hopefully this cleared up how to get Mud in Dawn of Man. For more tips, tricks and info, stay tuned to Twinfinite.

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