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Dawn of Man: How to Increase Morale

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Dawn of Man: How to Increase Morale

One of the most important things in any survival city-builder sim is happiness, or morale, and Dawn of Man is no different. Here’s how to increase morale in Dawn of Man.

Dawn of Man is the latest game from Madruga Works, the team behind Planetbase, a space-based simulation strategy game. Similar to Planetbase, in Dawn of Man, you’re tasked with not only creating a place for people to live, but ensuring they survive in said place as well.

Like most survival city-builders, there are a lot of factors involved to keep a village alive. You need food, weaponry, people, water, shelter and so much more.

In order to gather food, water, weapons and more, though, you need people actually willing to put in the work. Those with low morale are unlikely candidates for this kind of work and in a game where you are desperate to survive, low morale just doesn’t cut it.

Here’s how to increase morale in Dawn of Man and ensure your workers are always ready and willing to do what they must to keep the greater good (that’s you) alive.

There are some obvious ways to increase morale: give people more food and more water. You should already be focusing on doing that, but what can you do beyond that?

Well, everyone loves alcohol so why not get your village some beer.

Beer can greatly boost morale.

To get beer, you first need grain. You likely already have some, but if you don’t, venture our and harvest some wild grain.

Take it home and incorporate it into your farm (which you should definitely have at this point).

When it’s time, harvest the grain and then use it to make beer. Fear not, though. Extra grain can also be used to make flour which can then be used to make bread, an essential ingredient to keeping your people’s bellies full.

With beer made, distribute it to your people as you would any other resource and watch as the morale steadily increases.

Just goes to show that alcohol does solve everyone’s problems (this is not true — do not rely on alcohol to solve all of your problems).

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Have you found a better way to increase morale? Let us know in the comments below!

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