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Dawn of Man: How to Farm

Dawn of Man, How to Farm

Dawn of Man: How to Farm

How to Farm in Dawn of Man

Dawn of Man wouldn’t be a proper survival sim title if it didn’t include farming, and as such you’ll need to figure out how to farm sooner rather than later. Accessed through the game’s Technology trees, the knowledge of how to farm in Dawn of Man is crucial to any settlement’s survival. In addition to providing a sustainable food source, it acts as the easiest way to procure food in the later stages of the game.

To that end, you’ll want to focus on studying them as soon as possible, and then utilize them to ensure the speedy development of your settlement and assured survival of your settlers.

How to Get Farming Technologies in Dawn of Man

To get the Technologies needed to farm, players will need to acquire knowledge continuously throughout their play session.

This is done by surviving from season to season, expanding one’s settlement and bartering with traders that pass through one’s settlement from time to time.

It’s pretty straight forward, and so long as you focus on playing the game efficiently, you should acquire all the knowledge you need without much trouble.

Where to Find Farming Technologies

Once you’ve acquired a sufficient amount of knowledge, open up the Technology screen. Here you’ll find several different technologies you can research. Once you’ve studied one, you can then use it to craft new structures and harvest certain materials.

This includes technology that teaches you how to farm, which can be found in the third and fourth branches of the technology tree. The third covers crop cultivation while the fourth encompasses the use of livestock for food and other resources.

You should buy up all of the technologies available for crop cultivation in a given Age first, moving onto livestock-based farming technology afterward.

How to Use Farming Technologies in Dawn of Man

Once you’ve acquired the needed technologies, you can craft fields and facilities needed to farm.

For fields, you’ll need to find suitable soil in or around your settlement. This can be done by selecting the necessary structure and hovering over a certain area.

If it glows green, it can be constructed; if it glows red, you need to try a different location with fewer obstructions like rocks, other facilities and so forth.

This applies to other crop cultivation structures like storage buildings and structures related to livestock as well. To that end, you should keep your eye out for suitable construction locations and keep them as clear as possible.

Once a field or other facility is constructed, you’ll need to assign settlers to it to begin production. This is done in the same way as assigning any other task and can be done with most any adult settler.

However, if your settlement is low on other vital supplies like water or housing, they’re viable to cancel the command to go focus on the more pressing issue.

To prevent this, make sure your resource production is balanced and you have a few villagers working on each area of production. This should decrease the chance of settlers wandering off and keep your food production running smoothly.

Hopefully, this cleared up how to farm in Dawn of Man. For more on the game, check out our guides on how to acquire Linen and Flint, two highly valuable but hard to obtain materials.

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