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Baba is You: How to Complete Prison Level

Baba is You, Prison Level

Baba is You: How to Complete Prison Level

How to Complete the Prison Level in Baba is You

Creative as it is, some of the levels in Baba is You can prove indecipherable no matter how long you try to solve them. Case in point: a lot of people can’t fathom how to complete the prison level.

Placing you in a walled off area, the level sees the Win text box stuck outside of where the player can roam. It seems simple enough at first; after all, the game has levels where the wall can be made intangible by removing the proper text condition.

Unfortunately, the text condition for de-solidifying the wall is stuck up against said wall, only movable if you push the entire text line. As a result, it seems like there’s no way to break it up and reach the Win condition text. Or at least, it does until you think outside the box.

How to Reach the Win Text in the Prison Level

The Wall text box can be altered by pushing KeKe into the Wall is Stop text line. To do this, push the KeKe block above is and Push block below that. This will allow you to push KeKe into the corner above the Wall Is Stop text line.

Next, separate the Push text block from KeKe is to make them intangible. Then, go below the Wall is Stop text line and push it upward. This will overlap the Wall text block with KeKe.

After that, replace the BaBa from the BaBa Is You text line with KeKe. You’ll then be able to play as KeKe and push the Is and Stop blocks away from the Wall block.

How to Win the Prison Level in Baba is You

From here, winning the Prison level is easy. Go past the wall as KeKe and push the Win block into the walled off space. Keep pushing it and arrange it below the Is block of KeKe is You.

After it’s in place, push the BaBa block so that it’s above the Is block. This will trigger the completion condition for the level and take you to the next challenge.

Hopefully this made clearing the Prison level in Baba is You a little easier. For more tips, tricks and info, stay tuned to

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