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Twitter is Going Crazy Over The New Pokemon Starters; Check out the Best Reactions

pokemon sword and pokemon shield

Twitter is Going Crazy Over The New Pokemon Starters; Check out the Best Reactions

Today, Nintendo and Game Freak have finally announced Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield for the Nintendo Switch, and yes, it is definitely the 8th generation of the series –thank goodness.

The Nintendo Direct that aired earlier this morning gave us a glimpse of the new region of Galar and also gave us the first look of the three starter Pokemon: Scorbunny, Grookey, and Sobble.

Scorbunny is fire-type bunny Pokemon that is full of energy, so much energy, that it might’ve bumped its nose pretty hard; that’s just my opinion since it has a huge bandage on his face.

My favorite, Grookey, is a grass-type monkey Pokemon who looks to be mischevious and is full of curiosity. And then we have the shy and timid lizard Pokemon, Sobble, who is a water-type.

After getting a taste of these three Pokemon’s personality, the internet has already begun arguing about which starter is the best choice, all based purely on appearances it seems like. We scoured the Twittersphere and rounded up some of the best reactions to the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield starter Pokemon:

Sobble’s shyness and cutesy nature certainly seem to be getting the attention from a few folks.

The little mischevious monkey that is Grookey is the obvious choice here, but who am I to judge? These people will back me up though, especially this first guy – he knows what’s up, and also, he’s pretty good looking so his pick matters.

The fiery bunny, Scorbunny, has been making waves as well, even drawing comparisons to Looney Tunes characters, Lola Rabbit and Bugs Bunny – whatever makes you happy I guess.

Alright guys, let us know once and for all who your favorite starter Pokemon is? Let us know in the comments below and for all of your Pokemon Sword and Shield news, you can always check back here at Twinfinite!

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