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Metro Exodus: How to Turn Off Lights

how to turn off lights in Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus: How to Turn Off Lights

How to Turn Off Lights in Metro Exodus

Shooting your way out of situations is often a pretty great way to advance your way through Metro Exodus‘ story. Sometimes, though, you’ll need to be a little more subtle, and turning off lights can help you remain undetected and sneak past enemies. Here’s how to turn off lights in Metro Exodus.

As previously mentioned, turning off lights in Metro Exodus often means that you’ll be less easily visible to enemies, making it that little bit easier to slip by unnoticed if you need to save some ammo.

You can’t just turn off any light that you don’t like the look of in Metro Exodus, though. These are often little lamps sat on boxes or desks that are easily accessible as you’re making your way through a level.

To turn off lights in Metro Exodus, it’s simply a case of walking over to one of these lamps and press the Square button on PS4, X on Xbox One and E on PC. This will result in the surrounding area being submerged into darkness, allowing you to creep away undetected.

If for whatever reason, you have a death wish and want to alert enemies to your position, or just give yourself some light so you can see what you’re doing, it is possible to turn lights back on. Simply press Square, X, or E once again on your respective platform while next to the lamp and it’ll be reignited.

That’s pretty much all there is you need to know to turn off lights in Metro Exodus, and turn them on again! For more tips, tricks, and guides for your adventure across continents with Artyom, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki.

It’s got everything you need to know right from general information on the game, right through to how to get past particularly tricky parts on your adventure and everything in between.

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