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Jump Force: How to Use Awakening & What It Does (Ultimate Awakening)

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Jump Force: How to Use Awakening & What It Does (Ultimate Awakening)

How to Use Awakening & What It Does in Jump Force

Jump Force has a frenetic fighting system that really makes you feel like you’re playing one of the epic fights from an anime like Dragon Ball Z or Naruto. Battles in Jump Force are multilayered with a few different mechanics. Here’s how to use Awakening and what it does in Jump Force, including Ultimate Awakening.

What Awakening Does

Awakening essentially allows your character to enter a heightened state, increasing your power and the damage your abilities will cause. Certain characters even have a transformation that happen when they Awaken, light Goku and Vegeta going Super Saiyan or Roronoa Zoro putting his bandana on.

How to Use Awakening in Jump Force

As you fight, dealing damage and taking damage, an Awakening Gauge will build up around your character’s portrait. Once the gauge is at least 5o percent full you can activate the power up by clicking down the R3 button (right stick). This will put your character into their awakened state and boost their damage as the gauge drains, until it’s depleted and they return to normal.

Once you have at least 50 percent in your gauge you can also choose to expend it on simply using your Awakened ability, the fourth most powerful ability your character has mapped to R2 (RT) + X (A).

Doing this will completely use your gauge up, so it’s almost always a better idea to enter this mode and fight until the gauge is almost depleted, then activate your ability.

Ultimate Awakenings

A second tier of this feature in Jump Force is called Ultimate Awakenings, powering up your character even more. There are two ways of achieving this Ultimate version. For one, if you wait until your gauge is completely full, noted by it glowing red, you can hold down R3 to enter Ultimate.

Alternatively, you can use your first Awakening, then have the meter fill up to at least 50 percent again, then use it, and achieve Ultimate this way.

A few characters in Jump Force will get a brand new look when you use their Ultimate Awakening, namely Goku and Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue transformation, and Frieza’s Golden transformation.

Hopefully, that clears up how to use Awakening and what it does in Jump Force. For even more tips and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, or you can check out our Jump Force wiki.

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