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Far Cry New Dawn: What Happened to The Father? (Spoilers)

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Far Cry New Dawn: What Happened to The Father? (Spoilers)

What Happened to The Father in Far Cry New Dawn?

Far Cry 5’s ending was not only ambitious, but ambiguous as well, especially in regards to Joseph Seed. Here’s what happened to The Father and what you need to know about him heading into Far Cry New Dawn.

In Far Cry 5, you, the player, spend the majority of your time in Hope County fighting to get some face-to-face time with the Father. Let’s dive into what happened in the first game to help better understand New Dawn.

*** SPOILERS FOR FAR CRY 5 and New Dawn Ahead ***

What Happened at the End of Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 has two endings and both will yield to you a less-than-great scenario. If you’ve played the game, you know exactly what we’re referring to.

The nukes.

While it’s not actively set up during your journey in Far Cry 5 — there’s hardly a mention of impending nukes during any main or side missions — the nuclear apocalypse is teased in radio messages and other small ways as your explore Hope County.

When you have finally defeated Joseph Seed’s three henchmen and made your way to his compound, you can arrest him or let him go. Both end in nukes dropping around the world.

The canon ending sees you and him enter a nuclear bunker and that is seemingly the last we see of both him and the Sheriff.

What Happened to The Father in New Dawn

As you boot up Far Cry New Dawn, you’ll be presented with a new set of villains not connected at all to Joseph Seed. But, if you’re clamoring for more of him, you’ll inevitably run into him as the story progresses naturally.

In Far Cry 5, he was trying to bring people in on the supposed prophecy of the end of the world. Now, he uses the nuclear apocalypse to explain that he was right all along and that because of that, people should continue to follow him. Along the way, though, he became a recluse and some presumed he was dead.

However, Joseph Seed is not the only Seed vying for control of New Eden. His son, Ethan, is the de facto leader of New Eden during Far Cry New Dawn.

When you approach Ethan’s group for help against the Twins, Ethan tells you that his people still believe that Joseph Seed is alive and because of that, still look to him as the leader he was in the previous games, which undermines the power Ethan is trying to consolidate among his people.

Because of this, Ethan tells you that he’ll help you defeat the Twins if you can bring proof to him that Joseph Seed is dead, i.e. you need to kill Joseph Seed and prove to Ethan that you actually did it.

Sadly, for Ethan, that’s not how the story goes. Instead, you end up bringing Joseph Seed back and he usurps the power Ethan fought hard to maintain. Joseph Seed re-assumes leadership and Ethan feels snubbed. Beyond feeling snubbed, nothing more comes of that relationship, and the rest is explained through the main story.

That’s all you need to know about what happened to the Father and what his role is heading into Far Cry New Dawn.

For more information about Far Cry New Dawn, be sure to check out our Far Cry New Dawn guide wiki. There, you’ll find tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more to help you take back Hope County once more.

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