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Check out Live-Action Lickitung in This New Detective Pikachu Trailer

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Check out Live-Action Lickitung in This New Detective Pikachu Trailer

Warner Bros. Pictures has released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming live-action Detective Pikachu film that shows off something that we’ve all been waiting to see: a live-action Lickitung tongue. And we also get some more hilarious banter between Pikachu and Mr. Mime.

Detective Pikachu is based on the 3DS video game with the same name that finally released in the states last year after being a Japan-exclusive for two years or so. It stars a talking, coffee-addicted, wise-cracking Pikachu who runs into a young man named Tim Goodman who is on a mission to find out what happened to his missing father, Harry.

The two of them team up and in the process, help solve some Pokemon-related crimes together in Ryme City. Justice Smith (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) stars as Tim Goodman and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) voices Detective Pikachu.

This film is a huge deal if you weren’t aware, as this is the first time that the long-running Pokemon series has gone the live-action route. It was quite strange to see Pokemon like Charizard, Mr. Mime, and Jigglypuff in live-action, but the film actually looks to be a fun time and the Pokemon are kinda cute, especially Pikachu.

You can watch the new trailer down below; let us know how you feel about Lickitung’s live-action design. Is it nightmare fuel? Or do you yearn for your own Lickitung?

Detective Pikachu is set to release in cinemas on Friday, May 10, 2019, otherwise known as Mother’s Day weekend.

For more on Detective Pikachu, you can read our review on the 3DS game right here and you can read up on the news regarding the already greenlighted Detective Pikachu sequel.

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