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Anthem: How to Get Trials & What They’re Used for

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Anthem: How to Get Trials & What They’re Used for

How to Get Trials & What They’re Used for in Anthem

Bioware’s latest game Anthem is out now on PC for subscribers of Electronic Arts’ Origin Access Premier service, though non-subscribers and players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be able to experience the game this Friday, Feb. 22. Here is how to get Trials and what they’re used for in Anthem.

As an online-only action RPG, Anthem is all about leveling up your character to be prepared for higher-level missions and challenges. Of course, doing pretty much anything in the game will earn you experience points to get your character up to max level, including “Trials.”

Trials are simply challenges that earn you more XP. These challenges are based around a timer, though, since the game is always online and can be persistent even when not playing.

The Trials are broken up into three categories based on how long players have to complete each one: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. All can be taken on at once and are awarded immediately on completion, though will only offer a new Trial when the in-game timer has reset on each.

Here’s an example of what challenges the Trials can provide:

  • Daily – Defeat three Elite enemies
  • Weekly – Complete 20 missions
  • Monthly – Complete 10 Daily Challenges

The progress on your Trials are represented as separate hourglasses on a table and can be viewed in the Freelancer Enclave in Fort Tarsis. It is located in the northern section of the Fort’s map where players initially log into and where your Cypher, Owen, hangs out most of the time.

Simply walk up to the table and press F/A/X, depending on platform, to view each Trial and then hit the button again to accept and exit. The Trials table can also be found in the corner of the Launch Bay area, near the wall of various shops.

That is how to get trials and what they’re used for in Anthem. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more Anthem coverage and our comprehensive wiki for more guides and tips on the game.

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