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Anthem Luck Stat Explained: What it Does & Is it Important

Anthem, Luck Stat

Anthem Luck Stat Explained: What it Does & Is it Important

What Luck Stat Does & Is it Important in Anthem

Anthem features plenty of stats that can affect certain areas gameplay, all of which simply depends upon how players choose to invest in them. While the majority of the stats in Anthem are as straight forward as they sound, the one that is a bit vaguer is the luck stat. Below we will describe everything you need to know about luck, what it does, and is it important.

In regards to what the luck stat does, its main purpose is that it gives you more of a chance to get rarities in your drops. The more you invest in this field, the more possibilities you’ll have to roll really good loot.

Obviously better loot is always going to be reason enough as to why you’d want to invest in luck, but here is an even more detailed breakdown of why it is important.

Luck Stats’ Importance

The main reason you’d want to get higher rarity items is that they carry additional bonuses on them. For instance, a green item has one additional perk, a blue has two, and a legendary has three.

Simply put, three is more than one, meaning you’ll have more perks, thus more benefits. An example of a perk is that you could get +20% more assault rifle ammo.

As such, the higher the chance you have of finding these, the more opportunities you’ll have at getting a roll that is useful, since the drops are random. The best previous example of this – and the game that Anthem seems to be compared to most – can be found in Destiny.

When defeating enemies in Destiny, players could be rewarded with engrams of varying importance, notified by color. Decrypting these engrams gave out random weapons with random stats.

That is everything you need to know about the luck stat and is it important in Anthem. For more helpful walkthroughs, guides, and hints, be sure to check out our expanding Anthem Wiki.

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