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Anthem: How to Get Ember Pieces (Lighting a Fire Mission)

anthem, ember pieces, lighting a fire

Anthem: How to Get Ember Pieces (Lighting a Fire Mission)

How to Get Ember Pieces in Anthem (Lighting a Fire)

Very early on in Anthem, you’ll be given a mission titled Lighting a Fire. This tasks you with finding three collectibles, but the game doesn’t really give you a lot of clues on how to get them. Here’s how to get the Ember Pieces in Anthem.

When you receive the mission, your only option will be to get into your Javelin and go into a Freeplay session. This basically allows you to explore the open world with no specific objectives, and you’ll have complete freedom to roam about and explore as you please. Now, time to track down those Ember Pieces in Anthem.

Your goal here for this mission is to collect three Ember Pieces in Anthem, and fortunately, you should be able to get them very easily.

Extracting Resources in Anthem

In our experience, Ember Pieces can be obtained by simply harvesting both organic and non-organic materials in Anthem. Whenever you come across a resource node, simply hold down the F key on PC, Square on PS4, or X on Xbox One to interact with it and you’ll extract some materials.

anthem, ember pieces

You will then have a chance of obtaining one or two Ember Pieces in Anthem from that node alone. You shouldn’t have to wander too far to get these collectibles, as there are quite a few resource nodes just lying around the area near the spawn point.

Once you have all three Ember Pieces, you can then return to Fort Tarsis to turn them to Prospero. Once they’re all turned in, you’ll have completed Lighting a Fire, and you’ll be able to start purchasing items from the Vanity Store.

This is where you can buy weapon parts and other crafting materials for the Javelin.

And that’s all you need to know about how to get the Ember Pieces in Anthem. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our Anthem guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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