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5 Best Anime of February 2019 You Should Watch


5 Best Anime of February 2019 You Should Watch

The Best Anime of February 2019


A retelling of the legendary work by Osamu Tezuka, Dororo nails a nice blend of over-the-top action and violence with a compelling narrative.

Set during the Sengoku period, the story follows the samurai Hyakkimaru, a samurai whose body is constructed from powerful prosthetics that make him seemingly invincible.

Having such a body comes at a price, however. The son of a daimyo who sold parts of his son to demons at birth, he has lived most of his life as an outcast devoid of emotions or connections.

As such, he travels the land in search of his original body, slaughtering the demons that took his body parts so that he can restore his human form and find a place among other humans.

It is through this that he meets Dororo, a young thief who may help him on his journey and lead him toward the acceptance he always wanted.

Boasting top of the line visuals and a darker tone than the original, Dororo continues to set itself apart while also to its source material with each new episode.

It’s sure to scratch the itch of both those who enjoy a gory samurai series as well as those who want to get sucked into an engrossing tale of belonging.

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