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New Total War: Three Kingdoms Video Explores New Spies System

Total War: Three Kingdoms

New Total War: Three Kingdoms Video Explores New Spies System

Total War: Three Kingdoms has just received a new gameplay video that provides an overview of the brand new spy mechanics. The video covers the ways players can get spies into an enemy faction, specialize into a subterfuge play style, and give orders to undercover allies.

Starting off the video, the narrator shows viewers that in his campaign he has managed to place an undercover agent into an enemy faction. He explains that this is done by intentionally releasing a character to the global recruitment pool so that they can be picked up by another leader.

The narrator also notes though that using spies comes with risks. Agents can become dissatisfied with the player and decide to join the enemy fully, or even use their new found power to form a new faction.

Next, the video briefly shows the ways players can use the government reforms tech tree to focus on a subterfuge play style. The narrator is seen issuing a “Dedicated Spy Network” reform that allows him to add a spy slot.

Lastly, viewers get a look at some of the orders they can give to their agents. Starting with Court Noble Actions, the narrator explains that these orders will have spies attempting to alter trade, influence diplomatic standing, and force out other members of the enemy faction.

There are also General Actions that can be used to hurt an enemy’s army by denying supplies, revealing classified orders, or poisoning an army’s food.

The last set of actions are called Administrator Actions. These allow a spy to surrender their territory to a player or manipulate the regions army to make it an easier target for conquest.

The video is packed with even more details about the spy system and can be found below. For more on the new Total War, check out our coverage of the game’s Hero’s Journey Trailer. If you are interested in the Three Kingdoms Collectors Edition, you can learn more about it here. Total War: Three Kingdoms is set to launch exclusively for PC on March 7, 2019.

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