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Starbreeze Delays Overkill’s The Walking Dead Console Release

The Walking Dead game

Starbreeze Delays Overkill’s The Walking Dead Console Release

Payday 2 publisher Starbreeze AB announced it is delaying the console versions of Overkill’s The Walking Dead to evaluate the game’s performance on consoles.

“Starbreeze AB is currently evaluating and reviewing the performance of the game OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead on consoles,” the publisher said in a statement. “Starbreeze has decided to postpone the release date from its original February 2019 date, further information regarding the future release will be announced at a later date.”

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a cooperative first-person shooter set in The Walking Dead universe with an original story different from the television show, comic, or Telltale’s episodic adventure game franchise. Up to four players can carry out missions in sprawling levels while battling hordes of zombies, similar to Valve’s Left 4 Dead series.

The game released for PC last November and was scheduled to launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in February 2019. According to the statement, no new release date has been announced for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

The game received mixed reviews at its launch for PC, with our review calling it “generic and bland” with repetitive missions, lackluster melee combat, and inconsistent A.I. companions but praised the variety of character skills and tools to tackle missions with.

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