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Slay the Spire: How to Get to Act 4

Slay the Spire Indie Roguelike, act 4

Slay the Spire: How to Get to Act 4

How to Get to Act 4 in Slay the Spire

For all the hundreds of hours some players have sunk into the game, some may still not have figured out how to get to Act 4 of Slay the Spire.

Only recently added to the game by developer MegaCrit Games, Act 4 serves as a secret final stage of Slay the Spire for those who enjoy a real challenge.

Though brief, it provides one of the game’s most challenging bosses that will test the skills of even the most seasoned players.

That said, getting to it can be difficult. Even if players have sunk several hundred hours into the game, they won’t be able to unlock Act 4 if they don’t meet some preset requirements first, and in a specific order at that.

To that end, we’ve got them all laid out for you to make sure you can test your metal against this new act as soon as possible.

To start, complete the base game with all three playable characters. Even if you did so before the Act 4 update, it won’t count until you complete it again with the update installed.

You should be treated to a cutscene at the end of each playthrough showing part of a triangular object filling in. Once you’ve beaten the game with all three characters, the triangle should be completely filled in.

After this occurs, you can find the actual key pieces to enter Act 4 scattered throughout the game. As any character, make your way through a vanilla run of the game and keep your eye out for three specific opportunities to get the key pieces.

Also, note that so long as you make the correct choices, all of these key pieces will have a 100 percent appearance rate.

The first is at the campfire and serves as an alternate option to resting and smithing. Accepting it will void your chance to recuperate for the next stage, so be ready for a challenge after accepting it.

The next comes from a chest found later in the game. It will offer to give you either the key piece or a relic. Select the key piece and advance on towards the next piece.

The final key piece is a drop from a Flaming Elite. Simply defeat this enemy and the key piece will appear as a drop alongside a relic. You can take both without issue.

After obtaining all three key pieces, advance to the final boss and you should be allowed to proceed to Act 4.

Hopefully this clears up how to get to Act 4 in Slay the Spire. The game is currently available through early access with a tentative release date of Jan. 2019.

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Question: How do you get to Act 4 in Slay the Spire?

Answer: First you need to complete the base game with all three playable characters. Then, you need to find the key pieces to enter Act 4 that are scattered throughout the game. You can then advance to the final boss.

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