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Sea of Thieves’ Install Size Will Be Drastically Reduced With Next Update

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Sea of Thieves’ Install Size Will Be Drastically Reduced With Next Update

Sea of Thieves looks to help its players free up some space with the game’s next update. Executive producer Joe Neate explained the new changes in a blog post after they were mentioned in the newest developer update.

After a “larger than normal update” scheduled for February 6, Sea of Thieves’ install size will be greatly reduced. In addition, all future updates coming to the game will be optimized to better manage how much data is actually installed on your system.

Here’s the rundown on the storage decrease you can expect:

  • Xbox One – from an install size of 35GB to 10GB
  • Xbox One X – from an install size of 47GB to 25GB
  • Windows 10 PC – from an install size of 47GB to 27GB

Joe “Three Sheets” Neate goes on to explain that future updates may be slightly larger than before, which will enable the actual install size to be smaller (and to stay that way). “If we didn’t make this change,” Neate explains, “the game install size would continue to increase, taking up more and more of your hard drive space.”

These optimizations will also improve development at Rare by allowing for both faster creation of new game builds, and faster delivery of these builds to players. When you download the next update on February 6th, Sea of Thieves will be completely reinstalled and you’ll see the gain in hard drive space corresponding to your system.

With big updates on the horizon like an all-new PvP mode, this should be a much-appreciated change for all Sea of Thieves players. More hard drive space is always good!

Sea of Thieves is currently available for Xbox One and PC, and you can even play it as a member of Xbox Game Pass (which saw the addition of a few new games today). You can view the entirety of Sea of Thieves’ newest developer update below:

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