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Nvida Compares RTX-Powered Laptops to PS4 Pro and Next-Gen Consoles


Nvida Compares RTX-Powered Laptops to PS4 Pro and Next-Gen Consoles

Today, during Nvidia’s CES 2019 press conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, CEO Jensen Huang announced a new line of third-party gaming laptops based on RTX video cards.

Huang announced that forty models are coming on January 29th, seventeen of which are based on Max-Q tech.

On top of that, he compared their performance to consoles. In particular, he mentioned that the MSI GS65 Stealth equipped with a GTX 2080 video card occupies only 30% of the volume of a PS4 Pro, but it comes packed with twice as much power.

It’s also faster than a desktop equipped with a GTX 1080 and can run Battlefield V with RTX enabled at over sixty FPS.

After showing off the laptop, Huang upped the ante by comparing the hardware to a next-generation console and mentioning that it redefines mobile gaming.

“I think we have redefined mobile gaming. This is twice the power of a PlayStation 4 Pro. Look at this thing: Next-gen console in my hands right now.”

He also introduced a second notebook equipped with an RTX 2060, the Acer Predator Triton 500. It’s described as faster than a GTX 1070-powered desktop PC, and 1.6 times more powerful than a PS4 Pro.

While we don’t know much yet (actually, we know nothing) about the next-generation of platforms, it’s certainly interesting to see Nvidia use consoles as a baseline for comparisons.

During the same conference, Nvidia also announced the GTX 2060 video card and showcased a new trailer of Anthem by BioWare.

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