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Firewall Zero Hour Is Free to Play for PS Plus Members This Weekend

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Firewall Zero Hour Is Free to Play for PS Plus Members This Weekend

Firewall Zero Hour, one of 2018’s best PlayStation VR titles, will be free to play for PlayStation Plus members this weekend.

The free trial will run from Jan. 18 until Jan. 20 and will grant players access to all of the game’s core content.

It will include, “all the pulse-pounding modes of the full game (Single Player Training – Player vs. AI, Multiplayer Training – Co-op vs AI, and Multiplayer Contracts – PVP Players vs Players), as well as the entire roster of maps in the game.”

The only content that free trial will not include access to will be the paid DLC, but the recently added map, Containment will be featured.

Also, should you enjoy your time with Firewall Zero Hour and decide to purchase the full version, all XP and Crypto you earn in-game during the trial will carry over. Trophies will not, however.

When we reviewed the game last year, we called it a “masterclass in accessible, immersive VR first-person shooting,” but felt that “the progression slog and rapidly emptying lobbies make Firewall a difficult game to commit to.”

The free trial weekend would be the perfect time to jump in, then, since the lobbies will be fuller than usual. Grab a few friends and your Aim Controller and the free trial weekend will be a lot of fun.

You can download the free trial and jump in from this Friday, Jan. 18.

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