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Catherine: Full Body Details DLC Aplenty: Playable Characters, New Voices, and Naughty Glasses

Catherine: Full Body

Catherine: Full Body Details DLC Aplenty: Playable Characters, New Voices, and Naughty Glasses

Today Atlus revealed the DLC packages that will be released for its upcoming game Catherine: Full Body, also providing a few screenshots.

Most of the DLC will actually come to Japan on day one, and more precisely on Feb. 14. These include the Additional Playable Character set that will cost 200 yen and will let you play as Catherine, Katherine, Rin, Orlando, Johnny, Toby, Erica, and Boss in Babel and Colosseum Modes.

If you’d like to change Catherine’s own voice you can either opt for the “All Voices Set” Ideal Voices package for 1,600 yen, which will include nine different voice tracks for the protagonist each with its own voice actress. You can also get three different packages for 600 yen each: the “Sexy Voices Set,” the “Lovely Voices Set,” and the “Pretty Voices Set.”

The “Sexy Voices Set” will come with the following voices: “Eternal Maiden” featuring Kana Asumi, “Admired Oneesan” featuring Rina Sato, and “Queen of the Night” starring Nana Mizuki.

The “Lovely Voices Set” will include: “Pure-Hearted Gyaru” featuring Megumi Toyoguchi, “Tsundere Girlfriend” featuring Haruka Tomatsu, and “Overflowing Maternity” starring Ami Koshimizu.

The “Pretty Voices Set” will include: “Selfish Sister” featuring Yui Horie, “Attraction Girl” featuring Yuuki Aoi, and “Capricious Cat” starring Rie Kugimiya.

There will also be five “Special Theme & Avatar Set” for PS4 including a theme and three avatars portraying respectively the cover art, Vincent, Catherine, Katherine, and Rin. PS Vita will get just the themes, and each will cost 200 yen. An additional Character Avatar Set will feature all the secondary characters for 300 yen.

The Persona 5 Playable Joker and Phantom Thieves Special Event set, which is a first-print bonus in Japan, will be sold separately for 300 yen on Feb. 28. It’ll include Joker from Persona 5 playable in the Colosseum and Babel modes, and special events featuring the rest of the gang that can be seen only with this DLC.

Lastly, the Nero Glasses will be released on March 7 for 500 yen and will include a special pair of glasses that Vincent can wear in the toilet at the Stray Sheep bar. After coming out, you’ll see everyone but Vincent in nightwear.

You can catch all the images of the DLC below, including some screenshots of the new playable characters in the puzzle sections.

While the game will come for both PS4 and PS Vita in Japan, we recently learned that the PS Vita version has (not unexpectedly) been axed for the west. Yet, we also heard that the western release should come “soon after” the Japanese launch on Feb. 14.

If you want to see more about the game, you can also check out the most recent trailer, which included a theme song performed by the Tokyo-based pop band Sekai no Owari.

A demo of Catherine: Full Body was also recently released in Japan and it included a track that is said to be a remixed version of one that will come with Studio Zero’s next game, the mysterious Project Re Fantasy.

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