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Subnautica: All Cyclops Fragment Locations

Subnautica, how to get cyclops fragments

Subnautica: All Cyclops Fragment Locations

All Cyclops Fragment Locations in Subnautica

The Cyclops is the largest vehicle you can get in the game, capable of diving to the depths of 500 meters. Before you can get it, however, you will need to locate its parts first. Here are all Cyclops Fragment locations in Subnautica.

There are a few different vehicles you can assemble in Subnautica, each with their own unique traits. The Prawn Suit is great for deep-sea navigation, while the Cyclops can act as a mobile base. The latter tool is great for exploring new areas since you can essentially move all of your tools with you.

To build the Cyclops, you are going to need the set of blueprints along with three different fragments (bridge, hull, and engine). These parts are scattered around different areas in Subnautica, and here’s where you can find all of them:

  • Bridge Fragment – Mushroom Forest, Floating Island, and Sea Treader’s Path
  • Hull Fragment – Jellyshroom Caves, Aurora, Wrecks, Mountain Island, and Underwater Islands
  • Engine Fragment – Crash Zone, Mushroom Forest, and Sea Treader’s Path

You will need to scan three fragments of each set to actually create the component for the Cyclops in Subnautica. That means you’ll be scanning a total of nine different parts to create your seafaring base.

The Cyclops is a high-tech vehicle that has six different areas to explore. There are also three different speed settings when exploring, from Slow to Flank. This determines the overall noise you make, which may or may not attract any hostile creatures.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about all of the Cyclops fragment locations in Subnautica. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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Question: Where to get the Cyclops fragment locations in Subnautica?

Answer: Each Cyclops fragment can be found in different specific locations in Subnautica. The Bridge Fragment can be found in the Mushroom Forest, Floating Island and Sea Treader’s Path; the Hull Fragment can be found in Jellyshroom Caves, Aurora, Wrecks, Mountain Island and Underwater Islands. Finally, the Engine Fragment can be found in the Crash Zone, Mushroom Forest and Sea Treader’s Path.

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