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Smash Bros Ultimate: How to Solve Sacred Land Owl Puzzles


Smash Bros Ultimate: How to Solve Sacred Land Owl Puzzles

Smash Bros Ultimate: How to Solve Sacred Land Owl Puzzles in Smash Bros Ultimate

Here’s everything you need to know about how to solve Sacred Land Owl Puzzles in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Smash Bros Ultimate is upon us and players are fervently attempting to unlock every character in the game as quickly as possible. In order to do so, you’ll have to play through the World of Light single player campaign the entire way.

Like other past installments, plenty of the objectives in the campaign are as simple as “defeat this character.” Smash Bros Ultimate has added in some variety as well though, tasking players with solving puzzles alongside fighting.

One of the most important ones in the game is the Sacred Land Owl Puzzles. This puzzle is necessary to progress to the end of the game.

The Sacred Land

In order to complete the Sacred Land Owl Puzzle, you’ll have to head over to The Dark Relm. This area features three dungeons that must be completed to open up the last area in the World of Light.

The Sacred Lands is one of those three dungeons and features a puzzle where you’ll have to interact with owl statues. The first statue can be found by completing the “Torchlight reveals the hour” puzzle.

Smash Bros Ultimate

“Torchlight reveals the hour” is located in the clock-like area of the Sacred Lands and can be started by interacting with the northmost statue. Once you do, a message of 12:10 will appear.

If you thought this message looks like a time, then you are partially right, as the area and torches below are structured like a clock. The top of the area starts at 12, going up by one with each torch to the right, in a clockwise fashion.

The left number the owl gave you dictates the red torch that needs to be interacted with, while the right number is for the blue torch. Blue is on the top layer of the circle, while red is on the bottom layer.

Interact with the appropriate torches to solve the puzzle.

The Invisible Path and Dive of Courage

The next owl is located in the foggy forest area to the right of the first puzzle. This statue says “East, south, and then continue south. The invisible path calls for you.”

Follow these directions exactly and you’ll come upon a hidden path near the bottom of the area. While it doesn’t lead to anywhere, it will unlock a new statue just to the east of the invisible path.

Sacred Land Owl Puzzles

This owl says “north, west, north, and then continue north. Dive in with courage.” This leads you to the lake located above the statue.

When you reach the lake, your character will dive in and unlock a previously unreachable area. Once you beat the challenge, you have officially completed the Solve Sacred Land Owl Puzzles.

That is everything you need to know about how to solve the Sacred Land Owl Puzzles. Be sure to check our Smash Bros Ultimate guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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