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Smash Bros Ultimate: All Characters & Unlockable Characters List


Smash Bros Ultimate: All Characters & Unlockable Characters List

Smash Bros Ultimate is going to be the biggest game in the series every, as it will bring back every character ever playable in the series, alongside adding new ones.

Here is the full list of all characters and unlockable characters in Smash Bros Ultimate.


Everyone’s favorite fem fatal is back in Smash Bros Ultimate, bringing her various firearms, magical hair, and high heels into battle. This is her second playable appearance in the franchise.


Bowser is back to shoot fireballs and cause mayhem. This marks his fourth appearance as a playable character in the series.

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings follow in their father’s footsteps, bringing fast aerial mobility and attacks and a Heavyweight stature with him. This is Bowser Jr.’s second time in the Smash games.

Captain Falcon

Warm up those Falcon punches kids, as Captain Falcon and his flaming fists return. Falcon has been in every single title made in the series, making this his fifth game.


Chrom is one of the new additions, serving as an Echo Fighter of Roy. There is no doubt that this newcomer is going to be a popular pick, as he’ll finally be playable, instead of simply showing up during Roy’s Final Smash, Pair Up.


Final Fantasy is proudly represented in game by the spiky blonde haired, Buster Sword-wielding fight, Cloud Strife. His Smash Bros Ultimate appearance marks the second time Cloud is playable in the series.


One of the many Fire Emblem characters in the game, Corrin brings his swordsmanship and surprisingly good range back into battle. This is the second Smash game he has been in.


This princess may not always get the limelight, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t pack a mean punch. Despite appearing as a trophy in many of the games, Smash Bros Ultimate is the first time you can play as Daisy.

Dark Pit

We all have a dark side, but few are as cool as Kid Icarus’ Dark Pit. This is his second playable appearance in the series.

Dark Samus

While this doppelganger may be the evil incarnation of our beloved Metroid protagonist, there is no denying Dark Samus looks awesome. This is her first actual playable appearance in the series.

Diddy Kong

Oh, how we’ve missed those barrel jetpacks of yours Diddy Kong. Donkey Kong’s sidekick is back for the third time in the series.

Donkey Kong (Available)

The star of Donkey Kong is back for the fourth time in the series, serving as one of the eight main playable characters from the start.

Dr. Mario

He’ll check your heart rate with his stethoscope, then beat you over the head with it. Dr. Mario and his alternate profession are back for the third time in the series.

Duck Hunt

One of the oddest characters to be placed in the game, Duck Hunter returns following a playable appearance in Super Smash Bros 4.


The only Star Fox character that might be cooler than Fox, Falco and his surprisingly high KO power is back for the third time in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Fox (Available)

Another of the game’s eight immediately available characters, Fox McCloud will likely be a main for the vast majority of players upon release. Fox has been a playable character in every game in the series.


Sometimes you just want to wield the Triforce and beat up people. Ganondorf, well known Legend of Zelda antagonist, is back for the fourth time.


Another of the handful of Pokemon in the game, Greninja is back in Smash Bros Ultimate, making this its second game in the series.

The Ice Climbers

The protagonists of the NES title Ice Climbers are back, as this duo brings their unique separate percentage and stamina counter. This is the third time the pair have been playable.


Another beloved Fire Emblem protagonist, Ike is back for a third time in Smash Bros Ultimate.


It’s about to get messy, as the Splatoon series’ Inkling joins the fight for the first time.


This fire-based primate was confirmed as one of the newest characters in Smash Bros Ultimate. Incineroar joins plenty of other Pokemon in the series.


Animal crossing is likely the last Nintendo product you’d associate with fight. Despite this, Isabelle is going to step forward for the first time in the series and give it her best.


Yes, it’s the character that your friend always picks in order to put you to sleep and mess with you. The Pokemon Jigglypuff returns for the fifth time, as one of the characters that is surprisingly in every game in the franchise.


Every since Ryu was introduced back in Super Smash Bros 4, it only seemed right that Ken should be availble as an Echo Fighter. Smash Bros Ultimate makes that a reality.

King Dedede

Kirby’s bulky penguin-like foe is back for a third time in the series, bringing his unique attire and mallet with him.

King K. Rool

Donkey Kong Country main baddie King K. Rool is here to terrorize the Smash world, as he makes his debut in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Kirby (Available)

It wouldn’t be a Smash title without the circular pink menace returning to suck everyone in and steal their powers. Kirby returns for the fifth time, available as one of the eight characters right off the bat.

Link (Available)

Unsurprisingly, Link is one of the eight characters that is playable from the start. The Legend of Zelda protagonist returns for the fifth time, having appeared in every game in this form.

Little Mac

Possibly the only character to rival Captain Falcons punching, Punch-Out!!’s Little Mac and his K.O punches are back for the second time.


Smash Bros Ultimate marks the third time that this Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon, Lucario, is in a Smash game.


While we may not have any Earthbound games coming out, take solace in the fact that Lucas is back for the third time in the series.


Another Fire Emblem representative, Lucina returns for the second time in the series.


You can’t have a Smash Bros game without one half of the Mario Bros. Smash Bros Ultimate marks the fifth appearance for Luigi as a playable character.

Mario (Available)

The best Koopa fighting plumber in the world, Mario is back in his original form. The Mario Bros protagonist is one of the eight characters available from the get-go in the game as well.


The main protagonist of for games in the Fire Emblem series, Marth leads his pack back into Smash, making his four playable appearances.

Mega Man

The projectile master is back, as Mega Man returns for the second time in the series.

Meta Knight

The metal bat version of Kirby, who also wields a metal sword, Meta Knight and his Galaxia Darkness are back for the third time.


It only makes sense that the original most powerful Pokemon of all the first 151 would be back for the Ultimate version of Smash. Mewtwo is back for the third time.

Mii Brawler

One of the three original Mii characters announced for the game, Brawler focuses on close quarter fighting. This is the second time a game in the series features Mii Brawler.

Mii Gunner

Unlike Brawler, Gunner focuses on distance and projectiles. Mii Gunner is back for the second time.

Mii Swordfighter

The last Mii character, Mii Swordfighter, is faster and has a longer range. This is Mii Swordfighter second playable appearance.

Mr. Game & Watch

Mr. Game & Watch continues to stay relevant in the modern age by making his fourth appearance in a Smash Bros game.


Another of the perfect attendance crew, MotherEarthBound protagonist Ness returns for the fifth time in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Captain Olimar

The leader of the radish-like race known as the Pikmin, Captain Olimar leads these creatures back into Smash for the third time.


Pac-Man is back and he’s beating down more than just ghosts. This is the second game he’s been playable in.


Kid Icarus Goddess Palutena is back for the second time in Smash Bros Ultimate.


This princess doesn’t need saving anymore Mario. Peach returns for the fourth time in the game, only not playable in the franchise during the original.


Despite being in Melee, Pichu has been noticably absent from the series recently. That changes in Ultimate, as the adorable small Pokemon returns for the second time.

Pikachu (Available)

The most recognizable Pokemon of all-time, Pikachu returns as one of the eight main characters, playable from the outset of the game. Pikachu has been in every game in the series.

Piranha Plant (DLC)

One of the most interesting additions to the fighting saga, Mario’s Piranha Plant will be available for the first time as a DLC character, available soon after release.


Kid Icarus Angel and series protagonist, Pit returns to fire arrows for the third time in the series.

Pokémon Trainer

While there are plenty of Pokemon in the game, Pokemon Trainer lets player once again cycle between Red’s Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard. This is the characters second playable appearance.


Castlevania’s Richter Belmont makes his debut, appearing for the first time as Simon’s Echo Fighter.


Easily the biggest surprise added to the Smash roster, Metroid series antagonist Ridley will be playable for the first time ever in Ultimate.

R.O.B. the robot

R.O.B the robot will always be the strangest inclusion in the series, as he originally started off as a toy advertised with two NES games. This is his third roster appearance.


Fire Emblem Awakening’s Robin returns for the second time in the series, combining tomes and Swords for versatility.


The final Mario Bros princess rounding out the roster, Rosalina is back once again. This marks her second roster spot in the series.


Alongside Marth, Roy has been a mainstay in the Smash series. This is his third appearance, originally introduced to help draw up buzz for global interest in the Fire Emblem series.


Only Mario would be crazy enough to invite a Street Fighter to the party. Smash Bros ultimate marks the second time Ryu has been playable.

Samus (Available)

Another returning member of the core, well-known cast of the series, Metroid protagonist Samus is also available from the start. This is her fifth time in the series.


The magically-induced alter ego of Princess Zelda is back for the fourth time in the Smash Bros series.


Shulk is back, as the Xenoblade series’ main protagonist represents his game for the second time in a Smash Bros title.


Simon makes his debut in Smash Bros Ultimate, representing Castlevania and the Belmont family alongside fellow first-time fighter Richter Belmont.


Metal Gear’s Solid Snake is packing up his box and headed back home to Smash, returning in Ultimate after being absent in Brawl as a playable character. This marks the second Smash game he can be played in.


Sega’s chili dog love, speedy blue echidna, Sonic the Hedgehog, races his way back into Smash Bros for the third time.

Toon Link

The toon version of the silent protagonist in the Legend of Zelda series once again finds a place on the Smash roster. This is Toon Link third such appearance.


Animal Crossing’s resident villager has come back to prove that the number one on his shirt is exactly where he is going to end up on the leaderboards. Villager is back for the second time in the series.


Mario Bros rival and Wario Ware star Wario breaks out his best yellow and purple outfit to bring to Ultimate, as he returns to the series for the third time.

Wii Fit Trainer

The Wii and Wii Fit was such a phenomenon, that the Wii Fit Trainer still has a place in Smash to this day. Smash Bros Ultimate marks the second time she will be playable in the series.


Starfox’s greatest enemy, Wolf O’Donnell returns in Ultimate, following a brief hiatus from his debut in Brawl.

Yoshi (Available)

Yoshi is the last of the eight characters that you’ll be able to play from the get-go on this list. Mario’s green pal rounds out the last of the perfect attendance characters in the series as well.

Young Link

Link’s third and final form in the game, Young Link is back for the second time in the series, representing his prepubescent appearances throughout The Legend of Zelda series.


Hyrule’s Princess returns for the fourth time in Smash, choosing to save and fight for herself this time around.

Zero Suit Samus

Rounding out the list is a clear representation that, even without the suit, Samus is a force to be reckoned with. Zero Suit Samus returns for the third time in the series.

That does it for our list of all characters and unlockable characters in Smash Bros Ultimate.

For more useful information on the game, check out our wiki page.

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