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Brawl Stars Gem Grab: How to Get Gems Fast

Brawl Stars, how to get more gems in gem grab

Brawl Stars Gem Grab: How to Get Gems Fast

How to Get Gems Fast in Brawl Stars Gem Grab

Brawl Stars has tons of different game modes, but the very first one you’ll play is Gem Grab. It’s a battle of wits, as you have to collect as many jewels as possible while chasing your enemy away. Here’s how you can get gems fast when playing Gem Grab in Brawl Stars.

Unlike Showdown, you’ll be working with two other players in this game mode. You and the enemy team start out at the opposite end of the map and have to make your way towards the middle to collect the jewels spouting out of the hole.

The first team to get 10 gems and manages to defend themselves until the timer stops wins in Gem Grab. It’s a pretty simple mode that does require some decent strategy if you want to win.

Since your main aim is to collect more gems than your opponent, one popular strategy is to just rush your enemies and claim the middle area. This usually involves camping near the gem hole and wait for these jewels to pop up.

Another strategy you can try in Brawl Stars involves a bit of teamwork, which is hard to pull off if you’re playing with random players. Basically, two of the other people on your team can chase the opponents back to the edge of their side of the map while someone stays behind to collect the gems.

That way, you can pressure your opponent to stay back and keep their distance from the jewel hole. If somebody does come close to the middle of the stage, your camper can duel them. Generally, you would want someone who’s confident in their shooting skills to stand guard during Gem Grab.

The key to winning Gem Grab in Brawl Stars is to overpower your enemies during the first team fight. Whoever wins the first round has free reign over the middle of the stage.

That’s basically everything you need to know about how to get gems fast in Gem Grab. For more tips and tricks on Brawl Stars, make sure search for Twinfinite. We’ve got a few other guides to help you out, such as how to get Star Tokens.

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